Drug addiction is also known as substance use disorder, and it is a disease which adversely affects the brain and behavior of a person, making them unable to control their use of illegal and legal drugs.

Substances such as nicotine, marijuana and alcohol are classified as drugs. When someone is addicted to drugs, they continue using it while being aware of the consequences.

There are different forms whereby drug addiction emerges. It could commence with experimental use of a drug meant for recreation in social environments. Hence, for some individuals, the use of these drugs becomes more regular.

The risk of getting addicted and the speed at which you become addicted depends on the drug. Some drugs have a higher risk, and you become addicted faster than others.

With time, you will need more doses of the drug to become high. Hence, as you keep on using the drug, you will discover that it is difficult to let go of the drug.

When your make string attempts to stop using the drug, you will discover that tough cravings will set in, which would cause physical illness.

Hence, the best form of help you can get, is from doctors, family and friends, and a structured treatment program which will assist you to conquer your drug addiction, and remain drug-free.

If the family of an individual has an history of addiction, there is a likely chance that the individual will be addicted. If it is a sibling or parent, the chances are higher of coming down with drug addiction.

Mental health problems can also induce drug addiction. For disorders or problems like anxiety, stress and depression, there is a likely chance of getting addicted to drugs.

When you use drugs, you are seeking a way to cope with the painful feelings like depression, loneliness and anxiety, and this can aggravate these problems.

Peer pressure is another prominent factor which causes drug addiction, and it becomes more profound when there is no family involvement, in the case of a teenager or young adult.

The best way to prevent drug addiction is not to use it at all. However, if you are addicted already, it is best to see a doctor who would prescribe a treatment pattern for you.

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