Basically, alcohol addiction is a mix of social, environmental, genetic and psychological factors. Hence, the more risk factors which a person shows, the increased chance for them to become addicts.

A good number of times, some of these risk factors which are shown, is a tendency for them to become alcoholics. Also, the person might find it difficult to control these factors.

The first factor which causes alcohol addiction is stressful environments. Not everyone uses alcohol when they are extremely stressed, however, some people do.

When an individual has a stressful job, there is a likely chance that they would be heavy drinkers. This is usually the case with professions such as nurses, doctors, lawyers and the likes.

They lead daily stressful lives, which increases the risk factor for them to be addicted. Hence, to ensure that this risk factor is reduced, they should carve out time to rest by putting efficient health measures in place, like reading, exercising, meditating and the likes.

In addition, another factor which causes alcohol addiction, is drinking at an early age. According to trusted and reputable sources, people who drink at an early age are very likely to have an increased factor for alcohol addiction. This happens because drinking becomes a comfortable habit for them, and the tolerance levels of their bodies could increase.

Furthermore, mental health issues such as depression, are strong causes of alcohol addiction. Individuals who are down with mental health problems are likely to have an increased risk of alcohol addiction.

It is very easy to switch to addiction when there are mental health problems in play, and alcohol temporarily makes those feelings to cease. Hence, this can make the individual to continue to drink more, which could lead to alcohol addiction.

Another major cause, is taking alcohol with medicine. This starts out as a harmless act. However, with time, the individual could get addicted to the accompanying effects which comes with it. Some of which can be dangerous and extremely life-threatening.

Conclusively, family history is another cause. There are some people who have family members who are addicts, making them more susceptible to follow suit. It is advised that those who are addicted to alcohol, seek immediate help, in order to get their lives back on track.

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